so much more than
their CV

See your candidates like never before. Create a unique hiring experience and unlock richer insights into skills, personality, and potential.

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DIVERSIFY & expand
your talent pool

Prioritise potential and personality by allowing candidates to tell their story with a professional profile that goes beyond gender, experience or education.

in hiring

Stop lengthy, mundane CV screening processes. Digitally filter, search, group and contact candidates all from one place.

HIRE smarter with
unique data

Access richer insights into candidates, from psychometrics, interests & culture to projects, bespoke Q&As & EDI data - make better, more informed decisions.

Boost your brand &
candidate EXPERIENCE

Engage and inspire great talent with an application experience that is enjoyable, insightful, and as unique as they are.

How it WORKS

1. Build a stand-out hiring campaign

  • 🚀 Boost your brand with an engaging experience
  • 🤩 Create bespoke candidate landing pages & job boards
  • 💬 Ask role and company specific Q&As
  • 🏳️‍🌈 Set preferences for candidate EDI & personal data

2. Candidates create unique profiles

  • 👋 Personal bios, video intros & social media links
  • 🦸 Snackable psychometrics that highlight working styles & strengths
  • 🤸 Skills, education, work, qualifications & projects
  • 🎬 Passions brought to life with multimedia tools

3. Find the perfect hire

  • 🔍 All applicants in a single searchable database
  • 👭 Manage, shortlist & share candidate applications
  • 🙈 Optional 'blind' screening features
  • 📊 Track campaign progress with key metrics, insights, and reports

We sync with major ATS software providers

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